Local Green Atlanta is a fast casual restaurant whose mission is to redefine healthy, affordable food for all by creating an ecosystem based on trust and accountability. WE provide you with a culinary experience focused on your health, that tastes good and helps you feel good, while giving you a cultural experience that binds us as a community.


"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members." – Coretta Scott King

Zak Wallace

A legend in the Atlanta music scene, Zachary “Big Zak” Wallace has penned chart-topping hits for some of the industry’s biggest names. Born in Southwest Atlanta, Wallace grew up in a food desert, where he experienced an environment plagued with empty calories, high fats and sky-high sodium levels. Wallace saw first-hand the effects of food insecurity and how poor eating habits frustrated the health and wellbeing of his community. In 2017, he sought out to make a difference. Starting with a Local Green Atlanta food truck, Wallace wanted to spread an awareness for tasty, fulfilling plant-based cuisine in these Atlanta communities. Now, his Vine City restaurant, Local Green Atlanta, continues to spread that message, serving not just health—but hope.

Our culture is so rich, yet our habits are so poor. Local Green exist out of a necessity. There was nothing in the community like this. So I took a gamble...on us."